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[MUSIC][PICTURES][COLORING]karsten's weird Videogames's stuff!

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May 31, 2019
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Mar 4, 2014
Since i made the rules i better post something as an example :D

Brad Smith twitter: @bbbradsmith Moon8 project: http://rainwarrior.ca/music/moon8.html Video editing is from myself: twitter @KarstenBeoulve karsten on assemblergames.com Description: Pink Floyd's song "Brain Damage" from the album The Dark Side Of the Moon. This version was rearranged as 8bit NES soundtrack that actually works on the real hardware by Brad Smith. I took care of the whole video editing, timing and cosmetic stuff. I hope all will enjoy it and see the game references in the video/text/music/lyrics. Comments, shares, tweeting around and similar are all more than welcome! Can you name all the game references? I'm sure you can they are admittedly easy :p !
This was my attempt at recreating Final Fantasy's VI World of Balance map using real satellite photos...

And lastly this is my attempt at recreating Journey to Silius's OST. I have other tracks around too on my HD :D