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Need help valuing my Complete Gamecube Dolphin Dev Kit


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Feb 11, 2020
I need help figuring out what you guys think the resale value of this Gamecube Dolphin Dev Kit may be nowadays. I got it years ago and it still is in the original box as you can see with the model number on it: GCT-0100 NPDP-GDEV It has the original accessories and most of the original packaging, including the NPDP-ODEM card with box and packaging, the GCP-2000 USB adapter with box and manuals and packaging, gamecube controller, the various cables bundle, and even the inserts that held the system in the box itself. Everything is there as originally included, so I feel this all adds tremendous value to and already rare piece of history. What do you guys think? I haven't seen another set this complete ever for sale. My Gamecube Dolphin Dev Kit20200210_131137.jpg20200210_132405.jpg20200210_130836.jpg20200210_130905.jpg20200210_130916.jpg20200210_130921.jpg20200210_130943.jpg20200210_130953.jpg20200210_131036.jpg
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