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The Chad118

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Nov 29, 2020
The game I'm talking about is called Ozone.

Officially, this game has less information available than Area 51. I found an esrb listing for it from Electronic Arts, back when EA wasn't going by EA. The game was some sort of science fiction flight combat game. I remember you could customize your aircraft.

I couldn't find any videos, pictures, or sound on the internet when I first posted to an EA forum back in 2015. The OS I played the game on was Windows ME, in 2000-2001.

I have the game files stored somewhere on a cd. I burned it when I got a bug up my ass to really look for this game. Problem is I don't have the original game disc. So all I'm missing is a CD key or Iso. No key gens have the option to generate for this game last time I checked.

It seems this game is beginning to gain interest, as someone has posted a video of the intro to the game. People claim to have isos, and haven't released them or responded to requests.

I could very well be one of the few people who has access to these game files. If this piques enough interest, I may try to find that cd I made.

I have been silently searching for this game for years. Occasionally popping in and out of these communities to see if anyone knows what I'm talking about. Just finding other human beings that know this game exists is enough to keep my hope alive, even if its been four years since I took to forums for answers. I hope this community will be able to help, or even better, preserve this game with an available iso so that we can try it again.

My 2015 EA thread.

I posted the Readme for the game a few years ago in that EA forum. At that point the only other info of this game that I was able to find was an esrb rating that was very vague.

The Intro. Ozone EA 1997.

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