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Oops more updates...

Even though my day to day role here in OG is limited it hasn't stopped us staff from working on new ways to expand behind the scenes.

Recently we launched the much demanded resources center, we're working on a new design for the upcoming XenForo 2.2 release which adds a bunch of mobile related features users will enjoy.

But what about older projects? Well those have been taken down awhile now but were never to stay this way. The main issue with these was the fact they were on random domains or subdomains, this was just a growing expense so we decided to make a true archive under one domain. This includes the old prototopia list which after much debate was turned into a wiki.

With this said, it's time to drive more user input which is why we're now releasing early sneak peaks. The Wiki will be request access only and you will need to have an account here on OG to get access. We'll then create an account with a strong secure password which you're more than welcome to change afterwards.

The Service Manual archive had a facelift, Due to having multiple pages for HDD images to restore systems without restore discs we created a HDD archive too although this is purely for blank images only containing the OS and no games due to copyright. The old XBOX Archive from HEX1GON has been given a front page while leaving the archive browsable and downloadable as before. To think we've hosted this since 2016 and it still helps so we can't simply forget HEX's hard work here.

And lastly List.Prototopia.net has become Build Database, While the goals only to list Betas/Cancelled games/features we still need to link to existing information from HiddenPalace/TCRF etc, as mentioned above this is invite only at this time but there's more to add.

We're not sorry for the logo at all.​

Crap.. oh yeah remember that merch ? it's soon...


While there's more options this is just a sneak peak of more to come to OG.

Still not done...

Had a long week at work? well now's the time to chill and interact closer with OG. Each weekend (depending on prior commitments) we'll be doing voice chats with the users via Discord, Last weekends went down really well and there's been requests to make it a weekly thing. We may possibly sneak in some live streams of upcoming stuff for you. Coughs *too much data saved*.

Youtube videos are slowly coming back too. It's currently not set which days they'll release but you will see if you subscribe.

Lastly, While Patreon is a great system as of July this year they're pretty much ripping you off and us. It's costing us around $15 just to use their platform where's Ko-Fi is only $6/month and minus paypal fee's we have nothing else to worry about. This is why we're going to be shutting down our patreon in the foreseeable future once things move over to Ko-Fi.

We're currently running another fundraiser which can be seen here, https://www.obscuregamers.com/threads/og-group-buy-2-0.2682/

As always a huge thank you to all supporters, Donators and our staff. While I'm limited what I can do here I'm amazed to see how well this family has grown.

Thank you!