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GC PlanetWeb's EGBrowser for GameCube?


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Jun 10, 2019
Hi - I am yet to post here, but I've been following the forum since it started up, and I was constantly keeping up with Assembler. I am not a programmer, but inside a few GameCube kiosk discs, I stumbled upon unused assets for PlanetWeb's EGBrowser, and the remnants suggest that PlanetWeb was developing a port of the EGBrowser they made for the PlayStation 2 (PlanetWeb made internet browsers for various electronic devices, but I couldn't find any info or news suggesting that PlanetWeb and Nintendo worked together).

I made a blog post on my DeviantArt page showcasing some of the unused assets and diving into the details and documentation . I am curious if any of you have more knowledge on this or has any suggestions for further research into these files.