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Playstation 2 GH-004 Problem


Original poster
Jun 4, 2019
Hi all, I have an old SCPH-30001 PS2 Fat V1 GH-004 console and i've been doing nothing but playing casually on it and been going great with me playing GTA San Andreas up until the machine stopped working. I noticed the PS2 froze up during the game and the game never recovered. I noticed that the meachaon caused the DVD/CD DSP CPU to freeze and it almost killed my laser. And then i tried to open it up to do a laser replacement. I tried to extract the old KHS-400B optical pickup it had out of it and replace it with a KHS-400C i bought off Amazon from TotalConsole and yes i had the anti static points removed. Now here's my problem, No matter what i do, I can't find a sweet spot for the black torx screw for the laser or neither stop clicking on CD discs no matter what if a good laser is installed. Here's my issue, I fit the 400C in place of the 400B, I first try a blue disc game (PS2-CD ROM) which is Star Wars Starfighter and the laser still clicks and never reads the disc at all.
For a DVD based disc (PS2 Silver disc), I used a Kingdom Hearts disc, My problem is that the new 400C is unstable in my machine and after the PlayStation 2 logo, It kicks me back to the browser. I tried to go back to the old 400B laser it had but now a new problem arises, It either reads the disc very slow, skip in FMV's or just not read the disc at all. Any help guys?


Jul 11, 2019
I was looking for something else GH-004 related and there's a shitload of discussion on this subject over at assemblergames.

On a related note, the SCPH-30001 GH-004 is important enough and complex enough to have its own section.
It'd make looking up these types of things a lot easier.

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