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Prey: Invasion and Mass Effect: Galaxy IOS games found and preserved.


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Sep 23, 2020


Today, after months of tireless searching, long lost apple app store games Prey: Invasion and Mass Effect: Galaxy were finally unearthed by vigorous and aggressive efforts.
Links for the preserved games up in a little bit. Edit: they are up

These games have been somewhat of a small holy grails for me for quite some time and im happy that they finally ended up being preserved after such a long time.
I managed to test out Prey Invasion on my jailbroken iphone 4s and confirmed it to be in working order, and the real deal.
I have not had the time to test out Mass Effect Galaxy though, so if someone could get it up and running that would be nice. I did however, confirm its authenticity by other means, by using my macbook and checking out what is inside the .ipa file itself.
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