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PS1 PSYQ CD Emulator PSX


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May 31, 2019
The idea is to get the CD Emu for the Playstation devkit handy. Running some samples and Games over scsi2sd on a real devkit setup.
So first step was to add a scsi2sd. I choose a V5.2, pretty sure the V6 also work.
E1rzI35XoAIYWOa (1).jpgE1rzI4LX0AENKPs (1).jpg E10e3G1WEAE9zNH (1).jpg
I setup the scsi2sd with 4 drives each 4gb. The cddisk sn software reg the scsi2sd directly without problems. So i partition the 4 "drives", setup the bootrom and put the Rcube sample from the emu on it.

E10e3G0WYAIFVBU.jpg E18qzniWEAQSQNR.jpg E18qzngXIAEwvBl.jpg
So i can confirm the scsi2sd v5.2 work perfect with the SN cd emulator.
Next step is getting some retail images on the sd and run it.
I try cdgen V1.3 to create a ccd and convert it to a cti but it dont start at the mom. So far..
If anyone have exp with the cdgen 1.3.. Not sure if i need to extract the cd in a special way.
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