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Registration changes

Recently we banned a user for trolling and being racist/breaking site rules, sadly they got butthurt and decided to pay Russian human spammers to target the site. We had to disable registration as I was too busy to fully fix the issue until now. The user was using a ton of Russian ISP's meaning banning the IP ranges wasn't helping and we were banning around 6 ranges a day from multiple Russian ISP's.

The most annoying part to this was them sending porn spam via PM, meaning we couldn't detect this until it was too late. This is why we have changed the accounts around on site. When you join now the new user group will be probation. It means you will not be able to pm/post profile messages until after 10 non-spam posts. (Existing accounts should be updated shortly)

We understad this sucks and it's not something we wanted to do, sadly it's the only fix to prevent further abuse.

For any users who tried to register, we're sorry for any inconvinance.

If you spot any bugs/issues please reply here.