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MD Sega Teradrive Modifications / New Boards


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Jun 12, 2019
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So I got a Teradrive a while ago and honestly it's a really interesting piece of hardware. But as most people that have it know, it has a couple of really annoying shortcomings. One of the bigger short comings is there is only 1 ISA slot and no -5v or -12v in the system, so that leaves out a lot of sound cards. To combat this I teamed up with a local friend and created this:

Photo Apr 09, 6 30 59 PM.jpgPhoto Apr 09, 6 31 04 PM.jpgPhoto Apr 09, 6 31 31 PM.jpg

A brand new riser card for the Teradrive. It includes 2 ISA slots (one in the back for cards like SCSI cards or those XT-CF cards for HDDs) Or in my case I'm using it to connect to a Scsi card that connects to a SCSI2SD as a HDD and a CD drive. It also uses 2 MAX chips to generate -5 and -12v for the needed voltage for sound cards. I doubt I'll make many of these as they take quite a bit to populate and like 10 people including myself is actually interested in it. But yeah! I'll have some more announcements as I test things :)

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