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PS2 Sony PSX DESR-5100 not powering on after installing a different HDD

border collie21

May 4, 2020
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border collie21
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Around June, I tried to replace the HDD in my PSX (the actual PSX, not the PS1) and after connecting a larger IDE HDD it would no longer power on. I checked everything that looked like a fuse and nothing seemed to be visibly wrong.

I just dug it out again and started messing with it, and it's still giving the same symptoms, that is to say nothing.

Was wondering if anyone had any experience or knowledge on repairing an issue like this? Or if I'm just out a PSX.

Troubleshooting so far:
Tried reconnecting original HDD
Checked various components on the board, especially all that looked like fuses, and all have continuity.
Checked various voltages on the motherboard, and the PSU is delivering 12 volts even when the motherboard is connected.

Red standby LED and fan never power on after plugging into the wall.
All buttons unresponsive.
Nothing on the board seems to get warm?