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This dude abides obscure and old school gaming and wants to say hey


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Feb 5, 2022
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Hello everyone.

I just signed up here as long long ago I had a rather large game collection and used to be a member of various forums and sites, however, my life went downhill in 2010 and I lost everything aside for a very few things and spent many years with nothing and no connection to gaming as I was in a shelter and couldnt afford anything let alone a phone.

I got help and eventually got a small room to stay in and eventuly I decided to check out the current gaming enviornment and get back into gaming on a small scale atleast.

I started with some common newer stuff and over time as I didnt care for it as I always liked and preferred stuff from the ps2 era and earlier I got rid of the PS4 and started going after things I liked and wanted more...slowly though as I have little income.

Ive built up a small "collection" if you want to call it that(more like some games and consoles to play them on as I always preferred to play on consoles rather than emulate whenever possible). Im mostly just trying to get some systems and select games for them from generas I like as well as eventually (I hope) some "special" console's(dev/test units), and some import consoles that never made it here. I have always liked gaming especially arcade style and 2D games as well as early 3D, games using pixils/sprites, and things I consider interesting like laserdisc movies and players as well as gaming hardware ofcourse. I hope to get along with everyone here.

I only have a phone to access the internet at the moment but I hope that can change sometime.

My Discord name is TheDude#4743

I do not use any social media so this is the best way to reach me as I check it regularly.

I am glad to be back among people with similar interests.

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