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[USA] Modding/Repair/Help Services


Sep 14, 2019
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Over the years I've seen a lot of users requesting help with tasks related to modding and repairs. Behind the scenes I have done tons of work requests, provided parts for repairs etc. I wanted to make a thread on here providing it if need be as I have a lot of spare consoles (I run a small store online), parts, equipment etc. Just send me a message with what you need done or what you are trying to find and I'll likely be able to help.

What I offer:
Soldering (through-hole,SMT but no BGA)/Desoldering/troubleshooting (can be as simple as I saw someone asking for help desoldering an NES PPU and sending it back)
Part sourcing (broken ribbon cable, a screw, buttons, main boards etc)

What I DON'T offer:
Any form of case modifications such as adding or removing (switches, drilling holes etc)

Rates depend on the task, but I think I'm reasonable as no one has ever declined. :)