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[WANTED] UMD Stream Composer v2.5

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Dec 7, 2020
Hello everyone, knew here so i hope this is ok to ask in here.

I am looking for any leaked UMD Stream Composer v2.5 full package with everything it has if that's even doable.
To NOT be confused with the version that its already included in the PSP SDK 6.60 leak, that version is for game content, i am looking the one for UMD_VIDEO creation and NOT for games, figured since the PSP SDK 6.60 was fully leaked that UMD Stream Composer v2.5 might be someplace available as well.
There is a old version leaked from many yeas ago under the name of PSP UMD Tools, but its very old v1.5 and stripped down from most of tools.
If anyone has any ideas please share here or even in PM if more comfortable there, i understand.

Thanks in advance.

PS, this is what i am talking about, someone has the presentation posted here.
Not open for further replies.

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