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'Wario' CGB Samples Found

Would have been included with some Game Boy Color development kit to show off the different color capabilities of the GBC. I wish I could say there is more, but sadly this is the only piece of the GBC development kit I found in the files for Asteroids.



Great find!

That first video really makes you appreciated how a few colours could make a game really feel more modern than monochrome.
If anyone's interested in more CGB samples, some /vp/ anons dug up two sets of sample code that Nintendo apparently released:
https://archive.org/details/nintendo_7V11Xf4.7z & https://archive.org/details/devrs.7z

Here's a pic of the dedicate.zip running:

They found those while trying to track down the ancient ISDMG / ISLINK / CVTISX tools from the DMG SDK, sadly seems those are currently lost to time though (even though CVTISX was linked on intelligent systems website for download by anyone for a couple years...), really hope they might re-emerge eventually.
@emoose Thanks, but these were already leaked back in the days. The only file I'm not familiar with is SECGEN.ZIP. As for CVTISX I tried to locate it a couple of times but looks like it's gone forever. So I wrote isx2gb since I prefer ISAS to RGBASM.
There are now 2 versions of ISDMG (v1.21d from 1993 and v1.21f from 1995) and 1 version ISLINK (1.20e) that were found inside a recent first party source code leak.
There is also official gui tool ISX2BIN, and internal beta emulator (not very accurate, but seems to support some obscure devices like GB Mobile)
Packaged here https://anonfiles.com/h5Cbob14ob/GB-Misc_7z

If anyone have more GB stuff, I'm insterested too