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PS2 Would it be possible for a PS2 TOOL to use a MC2SIO MicroSD ISO Loader?

Virtual Davey

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Jan 28, 2020
I use these on my Fat and Slim consumer PS2 consoles:

It's a product that loads PS2 games via the memory card slot, no need for internal or external hard drives. Uses a special version of OPL. No slowdown either, the way it would be if you load games via the USB slot. I had considered purchasing a PS2 TOOL external hard drive (DTL-H20400) but they are getting very expensive, and not worth the price, for playing games via the TOOL with OPL would just be a novelty I would only occasionally use.

I haven't used my TOOL in years, but if I remember correctly you don't have access to the PS2 dash, which would be needed to boot into OPL.

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