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XenForo 2.2 updates coming soon

Do you like the OG XF 2.2 beta theme?

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But before we get there, many have wondered where I've been. I stepped down a few months ago due to none stop abuse/attacks from certain "community" groups plus I have conflict of interest here so I can't be the face of OG now.

OG's not sold, under new managment or no Admin Teams. It'll still run as is minus I'm now only dealing with bills/updates/techy stuff and being forced to communicate with users on Discord as other wise it's dead. The staff have my full support behind the scenes too and are doing an amazing job. I cannot thank you guys enough for the dedication you have in OG.

If you do find issues please post a thread tagging me.

Now, on topic. XenForo 2.2 is coming soon and it's overhauling many outdated features in the script. Sadly for one it removes support for older browsers and the backend changes means we need to pay to renew the theme, or for slightly more we can pay a new look to OG. It does bring a PWA (Progressive Web App) to OG which'll be handy for mobile users too.

We currently have a beta of the new dark theme live which you can check here: https://www.obscuregamers.com/misc/style?style_id=15&_xfRedirect=https://www.obscuregamers.com/forums

The light version will arrive once the XF 2.2 updates released which itself is in beta. The old theme is most likely going to break but a simplified version will be released saving us $40/year in costs so users have choice in use.

Known issues with this new theme so far is discord icons being missing (I got to find how I added it to other as it was a different script). It'll also likely use more ram on outdated systems.

Please let us know what you think in the poll above.

Thank you all,
Oh, et tu? Discord killed so many decade-old communities like this one.

I'm not a fan of it really anymore and it's becoming super cluttered and takes away from forums/groups on other platforms. I've always prefered forums but discords handy for live chats. It just sucks we cannot embed it here properly yet. it's still buggy
handy for live chats. It just sucks we cannot embed it
How about a JavaScript IRC client? Embeddable for those that don't need anything fancy, and lots of phat clients for those that do. And last but not least, an open protocol that's stood the test of time.

Discord is cancer.