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Sonic Riders Review

Review Sonic Riders Review

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​ This was not my first review, but I mentioned this one in my introduction thread so might as well start with it. This game. This game is probably my least favorite game in my collection. This game is something that I never want to be reminded of again, but I go back to it constantly. Why? The short answer is probably that I hate myself. Graphically, this game is a mix. It has nicely animated pre-rendered cutscenes, but it also has cutscenes that are rendered by the...

Rest in Peace AssemblerGames, Welcome back ObscureGamers? o_O

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Today a huge blow was landed on the community, Kevin the owner of AssemblerGames announced the sites closure within 30 days. With not much time to plan ahead, I've temporarily closed our other site Prototopia and transferred the PT license to OG. This has given me the chance to relaunch OG which thankfully I got the domain back for after the old owner closed it. I'm currently trying to archive as much of AssemblerGames as possible and will post the archive here once it's finished. It'll be...

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